Classic Adenoviral Services

Adenovirus vectors are arguably the most widely used gene delivery system. Welgen has been providing related services to researchers in academic institutes, pharmaceutical and biotech industries since 2002. We have constructed, amplified, and purified thousands of adenoviruses for worldwide clients.

Welgen’s service has enable researchers to save time and money in their work.

Welgen provides a complete line of services relating to adenovirus vectors:

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Service IDServiceEstimated Price*
S1100Construct an Adenovirus Vector to Express a Gene (target cDNA provided by customer)
S1200Construct an Adenovirus Vector to Express a Gene (target cDNA not provided by customer)
S1300Generation of Adenovirus (adenoviral construct provided by customer)
S2100Construct a pQuiet Vector to Silence Gene Expression
S2200Construct an Adenovirus to Silence Gene Expression
S2300shRNA Selection and Validation Service
S3000Amplification and Purification of Adenovirus (3 ml)
S3010Amplification and Purification of Adenovirus (1 ml)
S3110Plaque Purification
S3120Plaque Assay to Titer Adenovirus
S3130PCR Assay for RCA
S3140RCA Assay in A549 Cells
S3160Isolate Adenoviral DNA Sample
S3170MOI Assay

* Final price determined by insert complexity, identity and size.