Lentiviral Custom Services

Delivery of genes by Lentiviral vectors has been well established and is currently widely used due to several advantages:

  • Lentiviral vectors can accommodate long sequences
  • Vectors seem to be non-immunogenic due to the lack of viral coding sequences transfer
  • Vectors are able to transduce non-dividing cells
  • Products can be stably expressed due to integration into the cell chromosome

Welgen provides the following lentivirus services for research applications:

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Item IDServiceEstimated Price*
SL1000Mini-scale Lentivirus Production
SL1100Standard Lentivirus Production
SL1200Large-scale Lentivirus Production
SL2000Customer Lentiviral Construction and Production
SL3000Customer Lentiviral RNAi Services
SL4000Lentivirus Titering Assay